Killing Jane Fonda

A Novel of the Vietnam War~CL Lucas

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Jane Fonda, the FTA and Olympus’ Shadow

Excerpt from Killing Jane Fonda

Olympus’ Shadow

I’m writing in two genres–one’s an odd story a stones throw from smut that writes quick, reads quick, and isn’t held tightly to an intricate plot or even requires beliveability; in short–fun.

Killing Jane Fonda (KJF) on the other hand, enjoyable to write but its been a work in progress for almost a decade.

A day job doing things like, you know defending your country and war stuff slows the down the process.

Consequently, instead of spending all my time overseas, I’ve got the time to work. Exercising my mind and the keyboard fingers is easy with Soul Tool and practice benefits KJF.

I don’t know who is reading this because I’ve got no comments. Regardless, as I’m displaying bits and pieces of the work in progress on KJF in PDF, the pages I’ve in ink just to give the interested soul landing here perspective on the amount of work going into crafting an intricate story.

Download (PDF, 6.74MB)

Olympus-Shadow.pdf (12 downloads) (CL Lucas AUG 14)

KJF Fonda Blurb No.1

This needs work. The short meta description sounds better…but hey, I can always come back. There’s bigger fish to fry.

Ole Jane in NV

Three young college students from Ole Miss are on a road trip to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in D.C.  Along the way, they reflect on Vietnam’s impact on their lives and daydream of confronting people, like Jane Fonda, they hold responsible for the ghosts their father’s endure.

Vietnamese Catfish

Eating Vietnamese catfish is making my farts smell like catfood. Coincidence? I think not…

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