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Bill Ayers Rape of Donna Ron (Final Edit)

Screenshot-2014-10-07-23.24.09In a recent post, Bill Ayers happened to be in the news while I was heavily working on an edit of some old writing. It goes without saying, after so many starts and stops over the years while working on this, my skill level changed, my maturity changed and so forth. The premise remains, this still is the truth.

An important development–I’m splitting KJF into a series for a few reasons.

  1. A 50k word novelette is easier to manage than 180k of unfinished scribbling
  2. One climax per series!
  3. I just didn’t like the idea of trying to cram so many “highs” into one book.
  4. The notoriety of the short product will pave the way for the follow on
  5. Feedback will help me tailor the writing all the way to the end result.

That said, every time I work on this chapter, I get angry–that goes without saying.

Writing is fun…and a chore, especially when (reference above) redoing old work. While pressing through, I balance between two genre, two persona–the PDF is downloadable at KJF.

Download (PDF, 1.12MB)

The Rape of Donna Ron

Bill Ayers was in the news recently after appearing on Fox’s Megyn Kelly. Incidentally, the Rape of Donna Ron, one of the chapters written for Killing Jane Fonda (KJF), has been in edit for a while. One of the earliest chapters I’ve written, the skills have certainly improved and it has definitely needed readdressing since Iv’e decided to cut into a series to 1) build notoriety 2) make it more manageable 3) devote more attention where needed to character development.

She remembered the rapist’s void eyes as the color of lampblack that burned holes in her breasts, an animal that sneered into her face, his obsidian skin sticking to her like fly paper….I smelled his hatred,” she said.

By nature, Site Optimization (SEO) eventually draws people to the KJF site, that’s fine–I’m a long way out still. What I DO want to do however, is who the casual browser the effort that goes into such a project. Previously, I scanned and posted for download a sample of one of my chapters–thus far, twelve have downloaded. Relatively easy to read with few marks, this one, The Rape of Donna Ron (based on the true incident between her and Bill Ayers, as well as my interview with her); the RoDR is isn’t going to read well with all the markings–it looks like an octopus sharded its ink an it.

Kind reader, if you’ve come across this and would like a cleaner copy, please ask me and I’ll reply in kind.

file.jpgLastly, this chapter is about putting the word out there–she’ll never have his stain removed, but I’d like to hear his explanation. Regardless, I want this truth for the masses–Bill Ayers is scum and I’d owe him a throat punch if I ever saw him.

(CLL SEP 14)

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The-Rape-of-Donna-Ron.pdf (230 downloads )

@megynkelly int-viewd POS Bill Ayers, BA had balls to MK had cold eyes. Everyone’s forgot his rape of #DonnaRon


Jane Fonda, the FTA and Olympus’ Shadow

Excerpt from Killing Jane Fonda

Olympus’ Shadow

I’m writing in two genres–one’s an odd story a stones throw from smut that writes quick, reads quick, and isn’t held tightly to an intricate plot or even requires beliveability; in short–fun.

Killing Jane Fonda (KJF) on the other hand, enjoyable to write but its been a work in progress for almost a decade.

A day job doing things like, you know defending your country and war stuff slows the down the process.

Consequently, instead of spending all my time overseas, I’ve got the time to work. Exercising my mind and the keyboard fingers is easy with Soul Tool and practice benefits KJF.

I don’t know who is reading this because I’ve got no comments. Regardless, as I’m displaying bits and pieces of the work in progress on KJF in PDF, the pages I’ve in ink just to give the interested soul landing here perspective on the amount of work going into crafting an intricate story.

Download (PDF, 6.74MB)

Olympus-Shadow.pdf (127 downloads ) (CL Lucas AUG 14)

KJF Fonda Blurb No.1

This needs work. The short meta description sounds better…but hey, I can always come back. There’s bigger fish to fry.

Ole Jane in NV

Three young college students from Ole Miss are on a road trip to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in D.C.  Along the way, they reflect on Vietnam’s impact on their lives and daydream of confronting people, like Jane Fonda, they hold responsible for the ghosts their father’s endure.

Vietnamese Catfish

Eating Vietnamese catfish is making my farts smell like catfood. Coincidence? I think not…

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